BEIJING LIVE: All-electric BMW SUV first of many

Set to be released in 2020, The IX3 is the competition to the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X.

If an electric BMW surprises you, it shouldn't. BMW sold more electrified vehicles last year than any other brand and it is possibly one of the best kept secrets in the motoring industry.

In fact it has been a problem for BMW. When you think electric you don't necessarily think Bavarian and that's not good. So, part of their strategy is to make sure that they are in the spotlight when electrified vehicles become mainstream.

That could be as soon as two years away and that's why BMW have the IX3 ready to go, and whole host of other fully-electric vehicles on the way.

This model will come with a 400km driving range and, if it has a dual motor (which is currently unclear), it could push out as much 400kW or, if it helps you understand, as much as a Nissan GTR.

Jip. We're smiling too!

Keep your eye on this one and on all other BMWs with blue trim. Slowly but surely (but in the bigger scheme of things not actually slow at all) you will start to see whole lot more of these electric BMW SUVs.

IX1 to IX9 have all already been patented - so expect them hot on the heels of this one.