This is how the French see 2035

2035 is just 16.5 years away but DS, a French car brand, thinks that the world will like lopsided cars.

Yes the DS X E-Tense concept is a parallelogram, which, if you remember from your Grade 8 Maths class, is a leaning four-sided shape. In this case, it's a rectangle and is almost certainly never the shape you want when you're designing something like a car.


See what we mean?

From above, you see it clearest - the left side of the car is more forward that than the right, which quite honestly the most annoying thing in the world. It means that the whole car has a slightly lopsided feel to it, which is just unnecessary.

Because, if you look past the parallelogram problem, what you actually see is something very pretty that was, we speculate, just made lopsided because a designer thought it was "creative".

To be fair, it is very original but does original mean that it's worth aggravating your OCD's need for even-stevens? We're not so sure.

Still, let's look past all that for a moment. You will notice that there are also no headlights but separate LEDs woven into the body work, which is also apparently the future - interesting - and inside your A.I. helper manifests as a hologram. No doubt, we're sure that you can make her look how you want to so, enjoy my bru...

The floor is see-through, which makes no sense whatsoever. This is not a boat in the perfect turquoise waters of Mozambique, nor is it a plane. We're pretty sure that what you'll get to see, if you dare take your eyes off the road, is tar.

Then, there's the performance of the thing, which will see clever electric motors tap out at a ludicrous 1000kW! No doubt, it makes the see-through floor all the more useless then because which human being dares look down with that sort of power?

Ah 2035. What a year that will be.