Impressive! Not your ordinary Porsche Cayenne

The Cayenne E-Hybrid is here and it arrives with some extraordinary numbers that will please both green car lovers and sports car gurus.

Know this: We wouldn't be reporting on the new Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid if it didn't arrive with some impressive numbers that should leave all of us nodding gently. Why? Because it would usually fall into the realm of 'we don't care because it doesn't make us look twice'.

Added to that, hybrid tech is stupid and outdated and normally we would ask why Porsche is dabbling in a technology that is already old. All-electric is the future (and basically here) so why mess around somewhere in between?

As such, you will be as surprised with these numbers as we are, and probably as impressed with this hybrid as we were when you heard about it.

Yes, Porsche claim that the Cayenne E-Hybrid can travel up to 441km (and as fast as 135km/h) on electric power alone, which is really impressive for a technology that usually only adopts negligible electric power to appease CO2 activists.

Then, if you consider the fact that this is a SUV that will go from 0-100km/h in 5 seconds, with as much 700Nm of torque almost immediately available, we'd certainly think that this Cayenne is a lot more interesting than it looks.

Perhaps there is life in hybrid power yet among people-driven cars like SUV-shapes and trust the Germans to make it happen.

So there we go: Not your every day, ordinary Cayenne! Who knew?