Brabham you beauty! New supercar unveiled

The BT62 has arrived - 26 years later and ready to show the McLaren Senna who's boss.

When you start a new day with a supercar-unveiling, chances are it's going to be a good day. But, when you start it with one as intense as this, with as much pedigree and history, well then, you're in for one helluva day!

Ma'gents - take a look! One of the most iconic names in racing car history has been reborn and, as if it was never missing at all, arrives as the Brabham BT62, which is just one on from the BT61 that was commissioned for 1993 Formula 1 season - but never arrived.

Now, 26 years on, the BT62 has been unveiled and it promises to be well worth the wait!

Sporting pure super car joy - a naturally aspirated and track ready V8 - it will push out as much as 522kW and 700Nm of torque, which is Brabham's way of lifting the middle finger to the team who built the McLaren Senna.

Now, whether or not it will be good enough to beat the Senna remains to be seen (or not seen) because neither are road legal anyway and you will probably never see either of them. But, we will tell you this: The McLaren is turbo'd and pushes out more power and more torque, but the Brabham is nearly 300kg lighter than the Senna, which is a lot.

A lot like its price, which comes in at a cool R17,2 million (as of this morning's exchange rate), which is a number to be considered by no fewer than 70 super rich car lovers in the upcoming months. Yes, not another will be built when number 70 rolls off the assembly line, which is 430 fewer than the Senna and means that it at least wins on the exclusivity front.

Now for the track bro! We cannot wait.