LOL! Datsun adds stupid Flash to lineup

It comes with a set of Aquafresh stripes and will cost you R3000 more. Indeed, you'll look like an idiot if you buy it.

In GT MAG's lingo 'ridiculous' usually means good. But, in this case, when referring to the new "limited-edition" Datsun Go Flash, ridiculous means stupid - and stupid means absolutely pathetic.

Yes, this is a standard Go with a Colgate stripe and that there says it all.

But, let's be clear: This is not throwing shade at the standard Go, which is what it is: A cheap, economical and spacious car, which boasts a surprisingly sporty tone when you put your foot. Sure, it feels dreadfully unsteady on the highway but then again its body is too big for its suspension and wheels, and that's what you get for the money if you want a new car.

Here's another look at the ridiculous thing.

Regardless (and please don't tell anyone this) we actually quite like the standard Go because well, we don't not like it. It's a Go and we never really think about it and that there is the truth.

This however, we hate. It's called the Go Flash (pathetic, we know), which is an absolutely useless attempt at making you remember a forgettable car. Now, tell us: Who in their right mind wants a "sporty" Colgate stripe down the side of their car, which is a car, hear this Datsun, that no human being would ever associate with sportiness.

A silver exhaust pipe and mud flaps are just salt in the wound then in what must be the most useless set of consumer gimmicks on a car since...since...well - ever.

Then, inside, at least something practical: Bluetooth and USB are also added, which makes you think that the extra money might be worth it. But, not so bro. Save your R3000 and go and buy a standard Go - and then fit a custom radio and speakers, which will definitely be better quality and at least you'll have some sound.

Finally, we'll end with this before we rile ourselves up so much that we're compelled to call Nissan customer services to complain. Datsun, if you thought it was necessary to charge R3000 more for stupid things, why didn't you add something worth while, like an extra airbag? Or ABS braking? Yes, the standard go comes with one airbag if you didn't know, and stops like the 1970s.

So people, don't be fooled. The list of brilliant second-hand cars you can buy R135 900 is endless. Get those instead. Trust.

One last look. Laughable.