GT MAG & Grounded Nation join forces

GT MAG becomes the official digital magazine provider for Grounded Nation with a print run set for 2019.

GT MAG has officially teamed up with Grounded Nation, a custom car events company from KZN, in what is a first for the industry and brilliant news for custom car lovers around South Africa.

Now, tens of thousands of loyal Grounded Nation followers and custom car lovers will get free access to bespoke custom car content, features and news, to be released under GT MAG's new sub-section: The Custom Feed boosted by Grounded Nation.

It is an innovative new part of GT MAG's free monthly magazine, which will be dedicated solely to custom cars and their owners, events and products, brought to you exclusively by KZN's favourite custom car movement.

"The custom car scene is huge," says Kyle Brown, founder and editor at GT MAG, "And Grounded Nation are doing some extraordinary work in KZN and across the country boosting the scene. So, it just makes sense offering custom car content in GT MAG and who else but Grounded Nation to drive the content?"

Grounded Nation became popular with its First Friday Park Offs, which now draws thousands of custom car lovers every month. It is also the force behind KZN's Stance Fest, which is widely regarded as one the premium custom car festivals in the country.

Now, as the booster of GT MAG, Grounded Nation will be able to communicate with its followers in an extraordinary new way. GT MAG is a digital car magazine that gets released every month and spread via social media and Whatsapp. Essentially, it's a free magazine that gets delivered straight to your phone. Now though, with Grounded Nation on board, it is also a revolutionary new platform to feature custom cars, and bring Grounded Nation event news and highlights directly to its followers.

"Essentially, GT MAG boosted by Grounded Nation will offer custom car owners the opportunity to get their cars featured on a platform that thousands of other car enthusiasts will be reading. The magazine will be a new way for Grounded Nation to communicate with its followers - and for its followers to communicate with each other."

Dyl Welton, owner at Grounded Nation believes that this is the right step forward for the movement, "People spend countless hours on their cars because they love them. Now, with GT MAG more and more of those cars can be featured and seen and, be assured, we will bring you the most epic custom cars every month, driven by the most dedicated car people."

In addition to the digital magazine, which will be distributed every month for free, GT MAG will also look to go to print as early as next year, with a quarterly print run set and ready.

"Yes, it is likely that these magazines will become available at Grounded Nation events in future and retail outlets throughout next year. Expect an announcement very soon!"

The first edition of GT MAG boosted by Grounded Nation will be released on the last Friday of May. If you would like your car featured in GT MAG boosted by Grounded Nation, contact us on Facebook @GTMAGSA or email us at

Remember, you can get GT MAG for free right now if you whatsapp "GT" to (+27) 066 474 8533 or download it at