New Lotus Exige Sport 410 unveiled!

Lotus have bridged the gap between the 350 and 430 to bring us the perfect sports car.

Now, instead of buying an intense and track-focused Lotus Exige Cup 430, you can go one down and get the 410. Why? Because, although we wish it, we don't actually live on a track and as brilliant as the 430 is, it is too hardcore for the layman who just wants all the fun of a Lotus, without the adjoining coma.

Lotus agree. So, according to Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Group Lotus, they "have taken the Exige Cup 430, the ultimate track-centric Exige, and developed it into the perfect road orientated sports car, ensuring that [they] stay ahead of rivals when it comes to cars that deliver a truly engaging analogue driving experience.”

No doubt, we absolutely love Lotus and love this here 410, especially in light blue (with yellow touches). But, it's more than the colour that we care about as you would suspect.

Know this: It arrives as the lightest in the Exige range with the highest power to weight ratio, but the 0-100km time doesn't change - it's still 3.3 seconds. What will change though, most likely, is the feel of that 3.3, which will be delivered without a punch to the balls, but instead, a punch to the face.

Much better...

Top end taps out at 290km/h but if you get the roadster you will have to settle for 233 and get laughed at by a Focus ST.

Still, you're in a Lotus bro, so why do you care? You bought it for corners anyway!