M2 Convertible? Tuning house makes its own!

Yoh! If there's no convertible BMW M2 on the market, why not make your own?

That's exactly what German tuning house, Lightweight, have done and let's just say that they've done it well. This is a properly well-made after market production, which should inspire a plethora of back-yard jobbies from here to Brakpan.

It is sick, wouldn't you say, and comes with a performance smile to match. A tuned 315kW with a 300km/h top speed is squeezed past steel braided brakes lines that arrive with ABS settings straight out of a BMW M4 GTS. Thank goodness.

Long story short: Not only will you get it convertible, but you will get a BMW M2 faster than BMW makes it and that is pretty satisfactory stuff.

Now, for the import costs and the sad news...

No, never mind, we don't do sad news at GT MAG so we will leave it just there and let you take in the beauty.