Mouthful! Mercedes-AMG GT 63S Edition 1

It's a special edition AMG-GT that gets you to 100km/h quicker than you can say its name - but in the same time as the standard one.

Take a look gents: Mercedes-AMG, in its attempt to make you forget all about the BMW M8, has released a limited amount of "special edition" AMG-GTs that come with stripes (but, if you don't like the stripes you don't have to get them).

It also comes with yellow seat belts by the way, which are cool. Then again, we have the mind of an 8 year old boy so it's pretty easy to impress us.

So, what's different then, you ask, between this and the standard one, besides the cool stuff? Well, nothing really, except for something very fancy and scientific. An aerodynamics package comes as standard, which means that there is more down force. Worry not though, it will be so marginal that you won't even feel it, but at least you'll have something to speak about at the braai.

For hear this: 0-100km/h is unchanged at 3.2 seconds, which, to be fair is still impressive enough. Then there's the unchanged top speed of 315km/h, which, let's be honest, you'll never reach anyway, so no need even worrying about it!

But, worry not: You still will have the option of unique colours like "graphite grey magno", which is the coolest sounding colour in the world.

Take that "gun-metal grey"!