Next Level! Concept GTI the work of apprentices

VW unveils a Golf concept worthy of Wörthersee! It's the work of two apprentices learning their trade at VW.

Don't you just sometimes wish that car makers were like, stuff it, let's build it! I mean, this is not even that "out there" and easily looks like something that you could find at your local robot, driven by a legend who likes their cars with some next level flavour.

Incidentally, it's called the Golf GTI Next Level, which is the coolest name we've heard this year. Indeed, this GTI is next level. It arrives with a set of 20-inch rims straight off of an Audi R8 and several engine upgrades that will make you smile. Like 302 kW, born from a set of forged pistons, an uprated turbo and beefier bits from the intake to the exhaust system that will make any standard GTI just sommer gaan kak!

Lekker, we say. It all adds to the upgraded body work that's beefier around the edges, but subtle enough not to be seen by Golf aficionados. Aweh!

But, then there's the best bit of all, which proves that this was designed by an apprentice who clearly enjoys to spend his time at Grounded Nation events. They've removed the back seats and installed a 2,480W sound system with a flat screen to match.

How's that! Now that there is vision...

Pun intended!