Awesome Rolls-Royce SUV unveiled!

The Cullinan is here people. So, please be upstanding for the first family-oriented Rolls-Royce.

When meeting the Cullinan, it's easy to forget that this year already we have been given the uber-luxurious Karlmann King, the Maserati Lavante Trofeo, the stunning Mercedes-Maybach SUV and of course, the Lamborghini Urus.

Yes, this is the world we live in people - a world where the brands we love and love to hate make SUVs. Or 4X4s...

Call them what you want, they rule the motoring world!

Usually though, they're not very good off-road (are they?) and are built for pompous folk who quite literally like to look down on the urban peasants around them. Not so though with the new Cullinan apparently. Well, the off-road part that is.

For, hear this: Push a button called "Everywhere" and this Rolls-Royce is meant to be as good off-road as it is on and is described by Rolls-Royce as able to go anywhere, effortlessly.

Yes, effortless, anywhere!

Well, we dare you to test it out in the bush on your next family trip (jip, we cringed too), which brings us to this - yet another first for the ultra-luxurious British brand: This is a family vehicle, or so they say, which is far from what Rolls-Royce is used to. Yes, the brand has all grown up and got something pregnant and this here is the result - a Rolls-Royce meant to carry screaming kids who enjoy their lives soaked in unprecedented luxury.

It sounds like it was built for the (growing) royal family, we think (Rolls-Royce's all-time favourite customers) so dictators and tycoons watch out. This is a Rolls-Royce for a family-loving Princess who likes her kW levels on par with a Nissan GTR and torque levels at 850! Nice Kate.

0-100km/h in an undisclosed time will be achieved with an engine bigger than her Palace. Indeed, 12 cylinders and 6.75-twin-turbo'd-litres will quite literally make things effortless, anywhere, or at least it should...

As for the price, you're looking at a cool R4-million-or-so, so if you ever see one, know this: The person who drives it is either an Eskom CEO or a Bedfordview gangster, or both... Who can tell these days?

Either way, we think it looks good. Really good!

So, Bentley, Maserati, Maybach and Karlmann should best pasop! Rolls-Royce always do most things effortlessly, and this here Cullinan looks as effortlessly awesome as we always thought it would.

Well played BMW. Well played.