Vrrrpha! Fastest GTI ever revealed (kind of)

The GTI heads back to its boy racer roots with the awesome GTI TCR concept. VW better not mess this one up!

Yes, it's true gents, we officially have a new GTI! Well, kind of. It's a concept only gents, which means that everything you see here is probably going to get a whole lot duller when corporate VW sets out to please the "masses". That's us by the way and VW, no, we won't be pleased!

We can only hope then that they don't mess this one up because for the first time in a long time, it feels like you're looking at a proper boy racer GTI with all those decals and red lines - and those wheels! We like those wheels. They are 18-inch "Belvedere" forged alloys (whatever that means).

Under the hood, the most powerfully tuned Vrrrpha motor ever, with 213kW and 370Nm of torque, which is nice. It taps out at an electronically limited 250km/h, which is also nice.

All that said, now this: When you open the doors, the letters TCR shine onto the floor (first seen on the Bugatti Chiron, we think), which is undoubtedly the coolest gimmick ever. Like ever, ever.

So please VW, please. If you're going to keep one thing when you take this into production, please let that be it! And the wheels, please. And the honeycomb decals, please! In fact, just keep it like this. What else is there to do or takeaway?

Volkswagen could really learn from the Honda Civic in that regard, that's for sure.