Aston Martin reveals new fastest-ever DB11

The DB11 flagship is here and spoiler alert: It is awesome from every angle. Lime green stripe and all!

When the new DB11 was unveiled, it had us all drooling at the mouth. Indeed, how could Aston Martin make something this beautiful even better?

Well, turns out that they can by making it look a little tougher and by squeezing even more power from its V12. Jip, this is the new DB11 AMR, which screams to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds thanks to an up-tuned 470kW that taps out a range topping 335km/h.

Let's just say that it's all more than enough for any man the world over!

Currently, it is the fastest in the Aston Martin range, which should be something worth smiling about if you ever buy one. If, of course, your smile isn't big enough when you look at the thing for let's be honest, it really is a beautiful car.

In fact, is there a better looking car than the DB11 AMR currently available? Please tell us if there is because we can't think of any.

But, for those of us not so shallow when looking to buy cars, know that this DB11 also offers a “greater sense of [driving] connection" and if you can't really feel it, you'll certainly hear it with a “slightly more vocal exhaust note."


Then, there's that lime green stripe down the centre of it, which you might or might not like. But, if you do, best act quickly bro. The stripe is exclusive to a special Signature Edition and only 100 of those will be built at R3.35 million a pop.

For the rest of us, there's always a spray can...