Middle Man AMG GT S Roadster Revealed!

It's a tad more powerful than the GT and tad weaker than the GT C. It's that awkward middle kid bro!

There's no two ways about it. The Mercedes-AMG GT is a beautiful car and that there is the truth of it. It's big brother, the AMG GT C is as beautiful, but with more grunt and road-loving flavour. Now though, there's this: The new middle kid, which is as beautiful as ever and comes with an S attached to its V8.

It means that it's more powerful than the standard, but not as powerful as the most powerful version, which is... well... just awkward. Because, it is difficult celebrating a car when you know that the very same car is available with more power, so what's the point of that?

Yes, the new GT S Roadster pushes 384kW, which sits slap bang in the middle of the AMG-GT range. But, it is not the only middle-ish thing about it. 670Nm of torque also sits slap bang in the middle of the other two, and so does the 0-100km/h time, which is a respectable 3.8 seconds.

It's all meant to fill a gap you see - performance wise and price wise - so that you, the man in the middle, can also own a sexy GT...

But, we ask, what's so sexy about the middle? It's not like you'll be short on money if you buy this middle man anyway, so what's the point?

Do you really want to chill at a braai and try and explain to everyone why you didn't buy the GT C? It doesn't make any sense if you ask us. None.

But then again, we can't afford any of the three so what do we know? Probably nothing.