Brabus you beauty! X-Class given a (little) boost

It's not much, but it's something! If anything, it makes us dream of a X-Class AMG.

Brabus, our most beloved German tuning house who loves to take our favourite Mercedes-Benz's and make them a little more nxa, has given the X-Class (our new favourite bakkie) a boost. Well, the X250d that is, by dakking it out with a fatter face compliments of an OEM-quality body kit.

It means that you'll have to be a X-Class expert to immediately spot the difference, but a good place to start is the LED lights up top, which, no doubt, will be used for seeing things. Then there's the big fat B on the grill and if you can't tell it's a Brabus after seeing that, well then, perhaps you need to go to an optometrist.

Then, there's that motor under the bonnet which gets an additional 60Nm of torque and an insignificant 15kW push, which is at least better than the standard X-Class by a smidge. Anything will do for now we suppose as we slowly hope (and wish and pray) and edge towards a possible AMG that will never come.

But, have hope: Brabus promise even more love for the X350d when it arrives so we'll spare our dreams for that. In the meantime though, you can also enjoy bespoke wheels on this one and customised interiors to please any Brabus fanatic.

So, there you have it. A kind of better X-Class that opens up our imagination to world of possibilities that all end in "AMG".

Are you listening Mercedes?