Outgoing C-Class says cheers with Nightfall Edition

In one last attempt to squeeze as much money as possible from a design that we all already love, the Nightfall Edition looks as AMG as possible.

In a stirring good bye, with autumn leaves about its wheels, Mercedes says cheers to its outgoing C-Class by giving it a special trim that they call the Nightfall treatment. It is meant to stir the senses by making it look as AMG as possible, with clever blacked-out items.

Like the wheels.

And the side mirrors.

And engulfing black ash wood all about you when you sit inside.

It also comes with a flat bottom AMG steering wheel by the way (which is cool) and an outdated infotainment system that the incoming C-Class will trump. All this and an ageing engine still feels new though in a world where cars change their faces like Fikile Mbalula changes his allegiance.

Certainly, there is no other word for a blacked-out C-Class but awesome, especially in the cabriolet guise and especially in autumn...

So, as winter approaches in Southern Africa, we thank the outgoing C-Class for the memories. For a car, that we have said many times, is so well-designed that looks as good in the hands Cassper Nyovest as it does in Steve Hofmeyr's, and that says a huge amount about its versatility.

So, to be honest, we don't even care about the gimmick of "a special edition" to make you not notice its ageing design, and you'd probably get proper value for money if you bought this instead of waiting for the facelift.

Because, wait as you may, you might never get these three Nightfall colours again - Iridium Silver, Selenite Grey or Obsidian Black. Yes, those are the strangely named colours of colours we already have but hey, at least you'll look like a real twit when you tell someone the colour of your Nightfall at the braai.

Nice bro...