And here it is, your number 1!

1. IsoRivolta Zagato Vision GT

Now this is something to behold...

It steals a V8 from a Corvette and hits 100km/h in 2.7 seconds and we're like bro, say no more, just take my money!

The best thing about it though? You can actually give it your money because a handful of them will actually be built, which takes the saying 'it's just game' to a whole other level.

Thank you Gran Turismo!

Bonus! BMW Vision GT

This is definitely one of those where you’re like 'but why isn’t this real'? It boasts a 3-litre straight 6 (pretty familiar sounding right?) and pushes out 410kW (again, all rather familiar for a fake car).

But yoh, guys! How’s those lines bro? And that vent behind the doors? It looks like a modern E30 M3 and that there is a proper compliment.

Come on BMW, make it happen it in real life. This thing is sick!