Amen! Red Land Cruiser borders on spiritual

The Americans don't really do subtle, do they? Amen to that brother!

Ah yes, America. The land of many things, including a bakkie-mad population that shares so much with South African motoring taste that it's almost frightening.

Certainly, the Toyota Land Cruiser, especially in Khaki, is as South African as a gusheshe, and that there is part of the reason you clicked to read this article. 

It's because the Toyota Land Crusier is embedded into our genes and seeing it in red with fat tyres is as much of a surprise for you as it was for us. Sure, it's not Kruger subtle, no, and you probably won't see it anytime soon on a plaas near you, but hey, that doesn't make it any less enjoyable to look at. 

Of course, it is a one-off, a custom put together somewhere in the heart of Colorado, USA, by a custom house that is so well-named that it borders on spiritual. It's called Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers, which is downright blerrie brilliant and Amen to that! 

More impressive though is the name of its owner, Jeremiah Proffitt, the cult leader/genius behind this custom movement whose focus is to take old Toyota products, like this here 79-series, and make them even more nxa. 

Hence this Land Cruiser and the smile on your face. 

Of course though, and as suspected, it is not only about red paint. It's based on a lengthened 93 FJ80 frame, and is shortened at the rear for a better off road experience. Then there's a 2.8 turbodiesel by Cummins, which is as interesting to write about as it will be for you to read - so we're sorry.

It is great to look at though for reasons we can't really put our finger on, but we're sure that it has something to do with our South African love for the bush, which itself borders on spiritual.

This Land Cruiser is brilliant then, there's no doubt about that, and we thank Jeremiah Proffitt for its resurrection.