Holy Smokes! Check this restored 911

Turn heads, it will. Beautiful, it is...

German tuning house, DP Motorsport, has given us something so outrageously cool that we just had to share it. Jip, what started out as a 1989 Porsche 911 Targa (already cool enough) has been given a makeover that, quite frankly, is nothing short of gorgeous and is everything that we want.

Like now. We want it now!

I mean, what is that colour bro? It's awesome on a car this amazing. In fact, we'll even name it.

We'll call it 'gangbang grey' because, well, we're immature and like to say stupid things when we're this excited.

It really is quite stunning though, but only pushes out 193kW. Disappointing? No, not really. When it comes to cars that look like this, in bodies designed to caress power, 193kW will feel more than good enough and no one will care anyway...because look at it!


Turn heads, it will. Beautiful, it is.