You'll never guess what car brand built this!

It's a Subaru! The world's first Subaru and it's far from the 'pshhhhh' that we know and love today.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons

Gents and Ladies from all across turbo-loving Subaru land, meet the Subaru 360, which was named after the size of its engine, a 356 cc motor that you could probably beat on your bicycle. Or could you?

Yes you could...

Although the thing only ways 454kg, which in car terms is nothing, it doesn't even have 0-100km/h time because its top speed is 96.6km/h. It takes 37 seconds to get there by the way, which is hilarious.

Its 12kW motor is the cutest thing you'll ever see and it's the last time you'll ever say 'cute' when it comes to Subaru.

Oh how things have changed. It's crazy to think that one of the most awesome rally machines in the world-come-our favourite sounding and most vicious turbo'd machine, started out life looking like a lady bug.

Incidentally, that was its nickname in Japan when it was built and today it is the furtherest thing you would ever associate with a screaming Scoobie.

First built in 1958 it was Subaru's solution to the Japanese government's Kei car regulations, which were intended to motorize the Japanese population after world war II. Indeed, if you owned something this small in rural Japan back then you were exempt from certain things, like having to certify that adequate parking was available for your car.

It all meant that cars this little were easier to own, hence the birth of the ladybug!

It ended its run in 1971 but will always be remembered as the great grand father of our favourite blue machine.

Long live Subaru! Long live...