Awesome one-off Ferrari SP38 is too special to own

Based on a 488 GTB, this one-off Ferrari is stunning. But, only one means that we'll never get own one and that is sad.

When Ferrari launched its One-Off Programme in 2007, we were sad. It meant that beautiful, bespoke and unprecedented Ferraris were going to be designed and built, but we'd never actually get to own any of them unless we were super rich, Ferrari-loyal and specially selected.

Isn't that just sad?

It's precisely the reason why we're real sad today because this latest one-off Ferrari, the SP38, quite literally can never be ours.

Nope. It was specially designed and built for a yet-to-be named special customer and is rumoured to cost anywhere between R33m and R132m. Cheap then right?

Indeed, it's probably not its one-offness that makes it ungettable for most of us then, but at least if there were more of them we could use its face as inspiration to work real hard!



It is inspiring from every angle, it itself inspired by many Ferrari's over the years. The back end inspired by a Ferrari F40, the front bits by the 308 GTB and what it all gives us is one awesome Italian feast.

From a performance perspective, it shares all its numbers with the 488GTB on which it is based. 0-100km/h in 3 seconds. Top speed - a more than satisfactory 330km/h - and power outputs that border somewhere on ridiculous.

Yes, ridiculous. And mad! And fast. And beautiful. And expensive. And everything a Ferrari should be.

It should be illegal that only one human being will ever get to own it. Downright illegal!