Why Roll when you can Range?

Another luxury car brand has jumped onto the SUV bandwagon. Or should I say: Another brand creates its own behemoth of a luxurious, off-roading bandwagon and the problem is this: We already have one and it's better.

Rolls Royce, our favourite slice of British pomposity, has opened their minds, removed a fridge or two and has created a family-orientated, off road machine - or at least that's how they're angling it and we're not so sure how successful it will be.

Now, I can fully appreciate the highbrow styling of the all-new Cullinan, its presence and power (as it stems from an outrageous 6.75-litre, 12 cylinder monster) but what is the point of turning one of the world’s leading luxury brands into an off-road machine, that can go anywhere and everywhere?

I am terrified at the thought of a wealthy playboy thrashing this around in an African veld, while he searches for his own rush of off-road ecstasy among the Land Cruisers and Land Rovers of our African, off-roading making.

It's not quite the right place for a R4 million status symbol, is it?

But, price tags aside - and a legacy chiseled by the British aristocracy - let's look at it for what it is: A luxurious 4X4.

So, what's wrong with that?

Well, if you genuinely care for an off-road, mudslinging adventure while being muffled by leather trim, why stray from the original luxury SUV that does it best? It's called a Range Rover and it's much cheaper than this.

You see, with 40 years experience behind its bush-beating brand, Range Rover started out life as a real 4x4. Now, as a status symbol all on its own and as luxurious as ever, it's certainly not going to be outweighed by the almighty plushness of the new Cullinan.

So, with proven ability that will dominate every koppie and waterlogged Tasha’s parking lot, it gets you thinking: Sure, the Cullinan will be a status symbol, a great drive, uber-luxurious and hey, it might even be good off road.

But, when Range Rover has already mastered all of those things, what is the point?