LOL! Honda Civic Type R bakkie unveiled

We love our bakkies, but even South Africans have their limits. 

When it comes to bakkies, South Africans have seen it all and most of the things we see, we like. If it's a bakkie, it's usually our friend but even we have our limits.

Indeed, if you haven't had your can of Refreshhh Energy Drink this morning to wake you, this is sure to open those eyes because (he banna!) here's proof that some things just cannot be a bakkie. 

One of those things, as it turns out, is the Honda Civic Type R, which, as a bakkie, is nothing short of hideous from any angle that you look at it.

Yoh! This is a tragedy of note... 

Of course, Honda have no plans to actually take this into production (thank the car Gods for that) but built it to celebrate the one year anniversary of the new Civic Type R. Now, we're not so sure if it's a celebration or if it's a clever stunt to mask what already is a dubious looking hot hatch, albeit one that GT MAG personally likes.

They plan to tackle the Nurburgring with it by the way to officially become the world's fastest front wheel driven bakkie. We wouldn't put it past them, of course. The standard Civic Type R, the one without the big ugly hole in it, is quite the machine and from a performance perspective the bakkie probably will be too. After all, nothing has changed under the hood.

For the moment though, we suppose that we just have to thank this Civic for the wake up pill this morning, especially if you're hungover. 

Hello the demons...