Clio's flagship will come to SA!

The RS 18 is the top of the top and 65 of them will make their into South African waters.

At GT MAG, we love boy racers more than we love our mothers and that there is a lot. And understandable too if you take a look at Clio's flagship, which in black and yellow, is absolutely awesome.

This is what Renault does better than the Germans: Their boy racers at this level of spec just look special and you'll, no doubt, remember this Clio RS 18 if you ever get to see one.

Only 65 will come to South Africa and here's how to spot them. Among a few other bespoke things, notice the double diamond decals on the roof and the yellow dashes on the side of it, on the front blade and on the wheels, which, of course, are not actually painted yellow at all. No, they're painted "Sirius Yellow", which is a colour that looks just like yellow but it's not.

Underneath the bonnet, nothing changes though from the 220 Trophy version positioned just beneath it. The 0-100km/h time remains the same: 6.6 seconds thanks to a 1.6-litre turbocharged unit. An Akrapovič exhaust also comes standard, which means that it will always sound more brutal than it actually is, which is good.

All-in-all, we suspect that it will be a head turner, 65 times over so bring it on!

Oh - and it costs R450 000 by the way, which we're tempted to say is a lot. Then again, what isn't a lot these days? Not much...