How low can you go? Pick-up those mid-week blues!

American custom house, the Main Motor Company of St.Charles, Missouri, does all the hard custom work for you so you can enjoy your vintage salute!

We're feeling a little low this Wednesday morning - it's called the mid-week blues - so we've decided to share some of these outrageous classic Chevy pick-ups that are so damn low to the ground that they're picking us right back up! Sick.

Jip, if you haven't had your can of Refreshhh Energy Drink this morning and are feeling a little low, use this to boost you!

They're created by the Main Motor Company of St. Charles, Missouri, and they're decked-out, ready-to-buy and fully customised classic bakkies that you'll love to want and now hate not to get.

But, that's not all: It seems that the Main Motor Company does it all. From classic VWs to James Dean's Porsche 356, they have a custom car for everyone who wants one and doesn't want to get their hands dirty.

Sounds great to us! Now for those import duties...