Arden AJ 24 RS - the ridiculous compromise!

Now that the euphoria of Jaguar's stupid-quick XE SV Project 8 subsides, Arden, a German tuning house, have boosted another Jaguar to spec-level - yuslaaik!

Jip, it's unlikely that you'll ever get your hands on the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 that pushes out more wheel turning power than the gravity of at least three of Jupiter's moons. That's because only 300 were made and the waiting list for one is likely (wait for it) from here to Jupiter...

Worry not though bro, because you can now get your hands on this. It's the reasonable compromise, if you think 340kW is reasonable and 4.3 seconds to 100km/h is good enough.

Jip, that's what Arden reckon it will do with their upgrades. It's based on the standard Jaguar 3-litre V6 XES but has been extensively reworked, over and over and again, to create a whole lot more motoring madness. Among some of the clever things done to it include tampering with the engine management system, which is like hacking a bank account, to only then give it more money.


On the outside, check out the new 20 inches of forged alloy and other things that you won't even notice. Like panels that help with aerodynamics. It all serves up quite the feast, we say, and we're pretty confident that you will agree.

If anything, you'll agree with this: For a second best, for a compromise, not bad is it?

We dig it a lot.