SAD NEWS! World’s last ever Dodge Demon blasts off assembly line

The most insane muscle car ever created, the stupendous and awesome, Dodge Challenger Demon, is done'zos. Finished and klaar!

Yes, sadly, the last of the 3300 production units rolled off of the assembly line this past month and it means that you can no longer race to 100km/h in a 2.3 second, V8 American fantasy – via a wheelie.

Well, we suppose that you can if you buy this last-ever one, which is still possible. It’s going up for auction and all the monies raised will go to charity. That's good by the way. A car as evilishly good as this one should give back and we’re happy that it is.

We all fell in love with the Demon when it first arrived, all 626kW of it, and we’re truly sad to see it go. To this day, it remains the only production car in the world capable of a wheelie, which says a lot.

Who doesn’t want a muscle car that can wheelie? We are yet to meet a man who doesn’t, and no doubt, if he’s out there, we never want to meet him at all.