Monday by Mansory is the perfect German rash

German tuning house, Mansory, has taken the new C63 AMG S and proven just how much more car brands can actually give us.

If you've ordered the new facelifted C63 S AMG, you might want to cancel it. Because Masonry, a German tuning house with a little more sense than Mercedes (or is it less?) has taken the standard C63 S (already crazy enough) and boosted its power output by over 100kW!

Yes, that means it pushes out a bordering-on-illegal 478kW and 850Nm at the wheels. Now, if you don't know what that means, know this: Drive it and you'll be scared.

Very scared.

Indeed, that's why it's the perfect way to wake up your Monday, if of course that stripe didn't. Oh how we love stripes at GT MAG to take classy things and make them not so classy anymore. It's the perfect way to show Sandton just how cars should actually look and we love every last piece of this vulgar, German rash.

It's draped in carbon fibre, dropped to the floor and, if you really want it, it even comes with wood inside.

It's not quite the place for wood, we'd think, but then again, we like stripes so what do we know?

Thank you Mansory. Thank you for teaching us. And thank you for teaching Mercedes.