Stunning one-off McLaren steals hearts

Before you scroll past yet another"special" edition, check out this stunning piece of one-off work.

Generally, we find McLaren annoying. They're always building special editions that quite honestly don't feel very special at all. It's the McLaren mould: Build a great car and then make it a little bit better every three weeks or so just so they can make you feel a little stupid and annoyed for buying yours.

No doubt, that's what you should feel if you've just bought a standard McLaren 675LT because their Special Operations Unit has just made this one-off 675LT for a very special customer.

But, you can't really feel stupid or annoyed, can you?

This is so awesome looking that you're happy that it exists even if it makes your ordinary 675LT look a little dull.

Dressed in Gulf colours, which is a light blue and orange paint job that looks outrageously good, it's a 675LT with a carbon fibre wing, a roof scoop and character from a by-gone era.

They were the racing colours of the F1 GTR "Long-Tails" of the Gulf-Davidoff GTC team in 1996 and 1997 (you can see one in the background above), which is a cool touch.

No doubt, this is certainly a McLaren that we all want and there's no two ways about it. It's awesome! But, when you see the the same colours on the Ford GT40 you'll remember why Ford does it best.

Still, not bad McLaren. Not bad at all...