You can now build a Bugatti Chiron - from LEGO!

The 3599-piece LEGO masterpiece looks like so much fun to build that it's probably worth the ridiculous price tag.

If you like cars, you probably like LEGO. Why, we can't be sure, but they're oddly connected in the universe by a masculine love for pointless and clever things that come together in a very clever way. LEGO is just cool and a cool car made by it, is just fantastic.

This is LEGO's dedication to Bugatti and it's next attempt at building a car since the LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 RS in 2016, but this one outdoes that one by some 899 pieces.

What you get is a real visual feast and we love it!

But, the most extraordinary thing about it is the fact that all of its pieces - bar the wheels - are already existing LEGO pieces, put together in such a way that they make a Bugatti Chiron. Now, that's amazing and if you don't think so, well bro, what does impress you then?

Maybe the price will. R5500 - thanks for coming son, but, hear this, it comes with moving pistons and a working gear box ratio, which is out of this (LEGO) world cool!

We suppose the purest irony is this then: You'll need a good job to afford this. But, if you had one, you probably wouldn't have the time to build it.

Ah yes, what a pity...