Boom! Ford Shelby F150 officially coming to SA

Right hand drive models of the Shelby F150 (in all of its brutal guises) will finally come to SA in limited numbers by the end of 2019. 

So, we're not going to say that we made it happen, but it would seem that GT MAG's incessant complaining about the fact that we don't have access to the best American bakkies has actually done something.

Gents and ladies from all across Mzansi, behold bro: The Shelby F150, the Shelby SuperSnake F150 and the bordering-on-illegal Raptor Baja Edition will officially become available through Shelby South Africa and we're like aweeeeeeh!

There is no denying it. Every one of these outrageous bakkies seem designed for South Africa (somewhere, somehow) and we're thanking the car Gods that they're coming. 

The Baja Edition (for the Bloem Farmers?)

Now, if you're not as  excited as we are, hear this: You're looking at V8s with kW-measures close to 600, and V6s with as much power as a BMW M4. Now, if those don't make you smile, we give up! No doubt, if they do, you, like us, know very well that this is just how bakkies should be powered and even the ever-increasing petrol price does not put us off! Hells no.

Well, we suppose that we should be a little bit concerned. Maybe a lot. Let's just  say that they won't be as comparatively cheap as they are in America and expect a fat price tag on all of them for those right hand drive steering conversions and import costs.

Deposits (and that's only the deposits) will start at R950 000, and you're set to wait at least 6 months before you get yours. The final price? Well - probably close to R3 Million. 


We'll say no more.

Shelby F150 Raptor (for the Joburgers?)

The SuperSnake (for the Durbanites?)