Pretty in pink – this Porsche is the ultimate flash back!

A livery of old is a livery to savour. It takes us back to a bygone era when very fast cars were basically as fast as they are now, but not half as safe.

In 1971, driving a Porsche 917/20 must have been absolutely terrifying. Without computerised driving dynamics to help around every corner, twist and turn, racing must have been, well - how do we put this - a very wet experience (and not in the good way).

But hey, at least you looked pretty in pink because the “pink pig” livery truly looks pretty. Very pretty indeed, and when pasted to the new 911 RSR in dedication to the old 917/20, it really makes you feel all warm inside.

It will be raced just like this, in pink and all, at the upcoming Le Mans, and just like its hipster Oupa of 1971 will continue a rich pink tradition of pretty pigness.

Be that as it may, be assured that pretty is the last thing you’ll be thinking if you drive the latest 911 RSR, which, despite what we’ve just said, must still be a very, well – you know - wet experience even with a computer.

Then, there’s the other brother: A blue and white dedication livery, this one to the 1986 956C, which is the blue and white colours of a Rothmans cigarette box.

Ahh yes, that time in history when you could advertise lung cancer on a car as dangerous as cigarettes, but fast enough to keep up with the "powdery" Wolf of Wall Street.

What a time that must have been...

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