GME SRT looks smashing in black!

Tuning house, GME, have taken a Grand Cherokee SRT and made it Trackhawk fast. But, we already have the Trackhawk bro?

It's the rule of the ages: If you want something to look extra sexy, you get it in black. It's the reason your girlfriend loves a black dress because it hides things that we're not going to talk about here...

Expectedly then, in all black, the GME-tuned SRT looks smashing and you'd be silly to get it in any other colour. Still, whatever your tastes, you'll get an uptuned V8 that does very clever things.

Very clever things...

It would have to we suppose because this is, after all, still a massive 4X4 and very clever things are appreciated. Or hated. Because, holy smokes, this thing will beat all but a very few machines to 100km/h, so if you're thinking of dicing one at your next red robot, best pasop son!

It is unlikely that you will outwit its 3.9 seconds unless you've also done very, very clever things to what's under your bonnet. Or, unless you've bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, which is Jeep's own rendition of the ridiculous. That will very much beat this uptuned SRT, as it hits three digits in a casual 3.6.

That's very good news just by the way, because you'll be happy to know that the Trackhawk is on its way to South Africa so you need not worry about a sexy black GME SRT at all.

Well, until you hear this:

They're also putting together an other-worldly SRT to match Hennessey's recent take on the Trackhawk, which will push out 755kW and will most certainly be sub 3 seconds.

Oh my.

What a crazy world we live in.