Monday Motivation with Z-Performance!

It's Monday morning bro. A horrible and very cold Monday morning. Well, until you see this...

How's this gents: A fatter than fat, wide-bodied and pastel pistachio BMW is just the wake up tonic you'll need this Monday morning.

Indeed - you're welcome.

This is as fresh (and wide) as a BMW can literally get and any wider it would need a gastric bypass.

Certainly, we're wondering if it's possible to request this colour on a standard BMW M2 because, well, wow, pastel pistachio (as you can see) is a colour so outrageously sick that it's embarrassing that we've never seen it before, and embarrassing that we had to Google what a pistachio is. 

It's a nut by the way. A green one.

Anyway, back to the business of sick cars: This is all part of a larger treat by Germany's Z-Performance, which includes a wide body kit from an apocalypse still coming, a Lowtec HiLow coilover suspension  and an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel. Power is unchanged, unfortunately, but expect it delivered louder with a new pipe setup.

So, what you have a here then is a customised BMW M2 - or an actual leaked design of the military-grade 2028 BMW M2 required for the Trump-induced apocalypse.

Either way like it.

We like it a lot!