Porsche Taycan - the lively young horse!

Porsche have officially named their all-electric super car the Taycan. It means "lively young horse" in some Eurasian dialect - or it's just made up. Either way, it doesn't really matter.

Yes, Taycan, pronounced 'ty-kin', is now officially a Porsche and conveniently joins the (not so coincidental) Porsche rhyming game that ends with Macan. It is Eurasian-dialect for 'lively' or 'spirited young horse', but who actually knows?

Every one reporting on it doesn't seem to have a name for this "Eurasian" language so it could very well mean 'table' in Timbuktu.

But, who cares bro. The car is the most important and most significant thing of all and, years later, is still something to behold. Indeed, you may recognise it as the previously named Porsche Mission E because that's what it was called when we got it as a beautiful concept in 2015. Now, can you believe that next year is already 2019 and the Taycan will officially be ours!


2019 is going to be some year and there's no doubt about this: The Taycan will be one of the headliners when it arrives and will become one of the electric pioneers of the super car world.

Now, despite the naming news, which is as exciting as any German can be, there are actually other exciting things worth recapping that you might or might not remember.

This car itself an extraordinary piece of technological work and will hit 100km/h in 3.5 seconds and 200 in less than 12, all in a frighteningly quiet electric machine that, hear this, will give off some sort of "emotional" noise besides the whine of the tyres. At least that's what Porsche told Top Gear UK earlier this year:

“It needs to be a low noise, but with more emotion. But not a false V8 or flat-six sound. We could synthesise that, but it would be silly. The sound will be linked to the technology.”

It's a very significant link indeed and will open up the possibility of emotional sounding super cars, which we all felt would be lost with petrol. Alas, maybe there is hope still.

Then, there's the brakes, which will boast no mechanical link whatsoever, and will be entirely computerized. It means that the onboard computer will decide what's the best way to brake when the pedals are pushed, and stopping power will come as much from the massive electric motors (which has something to do with physics) as the discs.

It all means this: We are prepping for a new super car era and Porsche is coming in hot bro. No doubt, you should learn to try love this then if you don't already because it could very well be the base upon which you spend your CEO money one day.

When you do, remember this moment.