Aston Martin Rapide AMR unveiled

Recently, we got the new DB11 AMR with a green stripe, which is very nice. This however, is not so nice.

It took us a while to fall in love with 4-door GT cars but we finally came round. We suppose that the imposing BMW M8 released in Geneva was enough to take anyone over the 4-door, GT-loving edge, so here we are.

But still, we don't like this Rapide, which has nothing to with 4 doors. Instead, it has to do with that stripe so if you buy this, leave that stripe at home.

Now, we love stripes usually, and loved it on the new DB11, but 4-door sports cars have stolen so much from proper sport cars already that no, they're not having this one bro - hells no! A stripe just does not look good on an executive-sized vehicle.

Instead, just get this in plain "Onyx Black", which is an Aston Martin exclusive colour by the way, which, wait for it, is black.

On the performance side of things, you won't be disappointed and indeed, this is the fastest 4-door Aston Martin that you can buy. 0-100 in 4.2 seconds is smiley stuff especially if you're in the back seat and looking out at the peasants in their Golfs.

Sure, us peasants won't get a top speed of 330km/h, nor will we get the unchanged 630Nm of torque. No, we won't even get the additional 32kW, which you will enjoy over the standard Rapide S

Nope, none of that.

But, we also won't get the R3.5 million price tag and the sinking feeling that you just bought the wrong Aston. Why, in all that's motoring-ly holy, did you not get the DB11?

Goodness knows.