Updated Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 revealed

A 2019 version of the Shelby Mustang GT 350 is here and spoiler alert: We have a spolier!

Yes, GT MAG has said it a million times before but what's the best way to make an amazing car pop? Well, give it a spoiler Ntwana!

Indeed, it's even better when that spolier actually does something, which this one apparently does:

It was “designed and tuned with experience gained from wind tunnel development”, which is a development usually reserved for Ford Performance Mustang racing cars. That, and a few reworked things from the upgraded brakes, suspension and aerodynamics all come together to give us... no improvement whatsoever?

Yes, the 392kW remain unchanged. Of course, we know that Ford will insist that all 392 will be delivered sharper than usual, via a new set of 19 inch alloys and sweet suede touches all about the interior.

Hey - and who are we not to believe them? They'll be right. It will be sharper in every twist and turn. But let's be serious bro, none of us mortals will really feel it.

All we'll feel is the usual thing we feel when we drive a GT350. You know: That empty feeling that I should have bought the GT500.