China's Byton unveils new Tesla rival

Set for 2021, the K-Byte takes its styling cues from the M-Byte SUV unveiled earlier this year. Gents - it's Apple vs. Huawei!

If the K-Byte, a new saloon concept by Byton, is anything like its big brother released in January, well, you're in for a creepy treat.

Byton are on the edge of the technological and one look at that odd little pimple on its side hints at what you can expect. It's clever, real clever, and being the all-electric Chinese rival to the game changing Tesla Model S, it will have to be.

It will be level 4 autonomous when it arrives, which, if you know anything about levels (don't worry, neither did we bro) means that you catch a dos as soon as you climb inside. It will do pretty much everything for you, safer than you can, and if it can't it will make sure to safely wake you for a little help.

If you're not too busy of course. Hand gesture tech and all that creepy Black Mirror stuff will be enough to steal your attention as, via a large wrap-around dashboard screen, you can enjoy an interactive gaming experience - or watch a movie.

Up to you!

As such, we suspect that it will become a case of which you prefer and brand loyalists will be formed early on. Huawei or Apple? Like those mobile giants, expect a battle for the ages. Byton vs. Tesla!

As usual, expect the Chinese to be more affordable, and in time possibly even better, but for the moment, the American - for some reason intangible - is just more appealing. Either way, both will have to be on their toes.

This is not the cell phone world bro, and motoring's Nokia and Blackberry and so many others are viciously preparing for the electric 20s with the brand pedigree, attitude and history that we all already respect and love.

Watch this space!

In the meantime, check out the article we released in February about the Byton Dimension and what you can likely expect from the brand as a whole.