The 5 ultimate Dad cars in South Africa

Father’s Day is here and in dedication to all South African dads, we’ve picked the 5 ultimate dad cars in Mzansi.

Dearest uBaba. Liefde Pa. Good ol’ Dad! How much of a typical South African dad are you?

A few weeks ago we conducted research to find out what are the 5 ultimate dad cars in South Africa. It, mixed with a little bit of our own intuition (AKA motoring genius), produced some interesting but expected results that are nothing short of 'Jip, that’s definitely a South African Dad car bro and there is no two ways about it'.

Indeed, we think that these cars are the cars South African dads drive most - most often in these shapes too - so check to see if your Dad makes the list.

Question is bro: Is it a good or a bad thing if he does?

Happy Father’s Day!

5. Single Cab Bakkie – for the working dad!

A working Dad’s favourite is always a single cab Isuzu (usually in a slightly older shape) or a small bakkie. Sometimes a Nissan 1400 or, if Dad's business is doing a little better, then perhaps a new Utility!

Either way, they were built for the hardy Dad – you know, the dad who needs to transport his tools and the occasional fridge, but doesn't care much for you and your sister squeezing into one seat!

4. Toyota Fortuner – the gold one!

Ah yes, the most ugly of all 4X4s is the gold Toyota Fortuner and an absolute winner for many Dad’s the country over – from the high-walled suburbs of Randburg, to the wind-swept plains of Blouberg. We all know a dad who drives a Toyota Fortuner and if he doesn’t, is he even a Dad?

The new shape is prettier than the old one, but not as popular. In gold, the old shape is Dadly heaven!