And it's here - the new Jimny!

One of our all time favourites looks even better than the outgoing one and will prove its weight in gold in Africa!

Suzuki has officially unveiled the newest version of the Jimny and it is better even than its leak suggested now nearly a year ago. It is very cool indeed bro and has more Jeepness to it than ever and promises to be an off road fiesta when it finally goes on sale.

Suzuki assure us that it will still “overcome muddy pits, manoeuvre through dense woods and conquer massive rocks” just like the old one - and thank goodness for that.

Yes, it still boasts proper low range, which means that this will be an actual off-roading machine, which is deeply satisfying in an era blessed by countless "off-roaders" that can do no such thing.

All this from (we hope) R250 000 or so, which in any currency is not only a bargain but, in new car terms, exceptionally cheap. Cheap is good by the way. Refreshingly good when the product offers this much.

Yes, be assured that this will be as reliable as an African sunset is deeply auburn and that's what you want in a machine that can very easily tackle the sossusvlei, the kalahari, the berg, the Kruger, the karoo, the Cape and all the Pontas in the space of two weeks.

Now, wouldn't that just be the perfect African road trip? Watch this space...

The most impressive thing about this Jimny though must be how it looks, so urban-adventure hipsters behold: Your car for the next five years is here and don't say that we didn't tell you so.

It is perfect. Now for a surf board, some jerry cans and a dash of mud.