Have an old Ford Sierra? Get R1.9 Million for yours!

Yes, the demand for mint Cosworth Fords continues to rise and South Africa is an untapped resource.

Holy smokes. Remember when your neighbour used to wheel spin his Ford Sierra from here to the East Rand and you were like 'what an idiot'?

Well jokes on you mofo because now some classic fast Ford Sierras are so collectible that in the UK one is being auctioned for R1.9 Million! Jip, the one you see here, that rof car that you never wanted to own (or did own), is now hot stuff in the motoring world and if you own the right one, in the right shape, you are sitting on a gold mine.

To be fair, this particular one, built in 1987, is very special and is called the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth. Only 500 were made three decades ago and this one only has 17,445km on the clock, which is amazing!

Believe it or not, it is not even the most valuable of the Sierras out there, and if own this model in blue, in the same condition, who knows how much it could be worth. There were only 52 made in blue so if you have one, and it's nxa, you just one the lotto my brother.

But, there's more good news. You don't even have to own a Sierra RS500 Cosworth to make some money. Mint condition Sierras now regularly go for a lot and we recently spied one in Cape Town that cost more than R300 000.

So, be careful what you say gents. Your neighbour might be smarter than you think so if he does have a Sierra, make a friend today!