Most interesting Lamborghini in the world restored

Lamborghini's restoration department has restored this beauty. Incidentally, it's the rarest and most interesting Lamborghini in the world!

Take a look at this. Beautiful from every angle, it is the Lamborghini Miura SVR, which, in red, is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Incidentally, it is the most interesting too.

This is the only Miura SVR ever built and has finally been restored to original spec by Lamborghini themselves.

Yes, Lamborghini's restoration department, Polo Storico, took 19 months to bring it back to life after a life more interesting than most.

It was originally commissioned by a doting customer following the accident of the only ever Miura Jota, which was a tweaked version of the standard Miura, that was born from the work of a famous Lamborghini test driver called Bob Wallace.

The accident itself, and the loss of a such a rare and beautifull car, drew so much global attention from the car loving world that a few rich folk demanded more be built.

Lamborghini agreed and built 5 more, and the 5th, commissioned by a customer called Heinz Straber was to even go beyond what the Jota was. Then, there, and 18 months later, the only ever Miura SVR was born and it was something to behold.

Eventually, it got sold to a customer in Japan where it was customised and became the inspiration behind the iconic comic book called Circuit Wolf, which, over the years, inspired awesome artwork, merchandise and toys.

No doubt, it certainly gives this car an unique dimension that will never happen again.

Finally, in pieces it returned to Italy in 2016 and here it is - restored to absolute original spec, except for three things. 4 point safety belts are now included. More supportive seats have been put in, and now, it comes with a removable roll bar.

Well. That all defeats the point, doesn't it?

Still - what a beauty.

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