WATCH! Electric VW I.D. R Pikes Peak breaks world record!

The VW I.D. R Pikes Peak has done it. Not only is it the fastest electric car up Pikes Peak. It is the fastest in the world! 

Yes, can you handle it gents? If you ever thought electricity was just not good enough, well, surely now you must concede.

The famous American hill climb, Pikes Peak, has been stolen by Volkswagen, their racing driver Romain Dumas and their I.D. R Pikes Peak electric machine. It smashed the all-time record by 16 seconds and posted a 7m 57.148s time that was enough to steal the glory from petrol. 

Sadly and excitingly then, this record will never be taken by petrol again unless there is the will and the money to come up with something extraordinary. Still, we're not even sure that it would be possible. Petrol tech is just not good enough anymore and that there is the truth.

The I.D. range is VW's all-new electric range of vehicles and the Pikes Peak racer is the pioneer. Its success will ensure the success of a plethora of electric models that will be offered by VW by the middle of next decade, which includes the awesome looking VW I.D. Buzz.

Yes, the pimp van.

As the world changes, we should be prepared for more revelations like this. So, strap in gents. Your road trips are about to get a whole quieter and there is nothing that you can do about it. With results like this, why would you even want to?

Quickly watch this 10 second video to get an idea of what your future holds...