Special McLaren 600LT is a ludicrous Longtail

McLaren have a new super car, which usually wouldn't make news. This one however is different. This LT feels special.

Yes, yes, yes. We know what you're thinking. Another day, another McLaren and trust, we know all about it: The British firm churns out more new McLarens than you go to the toilet, which is a lot. A lot, a lot.

But, this one is different. This one is a ‘Longtail’, which, history considered, makes it stand alone special. But, when you spy those vertical facing exhaust pipes and see them spitting in action, you truly do get a sense that you’re looking at the coolest thing on a car since McLaren themselves brought us see-through doors on the Senna.

Now this is a proper special McLaren, we feel. One you'll actually remember.

Yes. Those pipes are outrageously sick and one glance at the 600LT's trailer says it all: Here's actually a McLaren worth dreaming about (Senna aside). Here is a reason to be inspired and it's called the 600LT and holy smokes, it's outrageous.

Now, if you’re getting a little sense of déjá vu, don't worry, you're not alone. The 600LT is based on the 570S Coupé which is a face we know all too well. But, this time it's not like that bro...

The 600LT is longer, by 74mm exactly, not that you care, with an extended front splitter and lengthened rear diffuser. If you know your business, you'll see it. This is indeed a ‘Longtail’, which is the fourth ‘Longtail’ by McLaren in more than two decades and is part of a bloodline so perfect that it sends shivers down the spine of every super car brand in the world. Yes, the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ is its ancestor, which is widely regarded as one of the purest super car ever built and that there is the truth of it.

So, sure, McLaren could have given us a slightly fresher face but we'd be lying if we didn't like this one the way it is, which is not usually us. Usually we’d be ripping it to pieces for its “special” gimmicks but, again, this one is different.

Race times are a little vague at the moment but know that this is the fastest Sports Series Longtail ever made by McLaren, and in every sense it outdoes the 570S Coupé upon which it is based. Like that, this uses a twin-turbo’d 3,8-litre V8, but power is up. 441kW and 620Nm of torque means that you’ll smile.

It is faster, lighter, firmer, more deft, no doubt more expensive too and is, quite literally, everything you'll ever want in a super car if you were ten years old.

Truthfully, which real car lover isn't ten years old in their head? When vertical-facing twin pipes makes you smile like they made us, what age did you think you were?

This is a statement of racing intent; a huge middle finger to conservatism, to subtlety, to the narrative that cars are A to B and nothing else.

This is how we like it. This is Vicious. Proper. Fresh. This is for car people.