How’s this for a stellar Velar?

The pimpest version of Range Rover just got a little more stylish. Jip, how’s this stellar Velar from Mansory?

You’ve got to love Land Rover. They do things properly. They don’t only make hard 4X4s very hard, but when they make them soft too, they make them very soft. Indeed, the prettiest of all Land Rovers is the Range Rover and the prettiest of all Range Rovers is the Velar.

The Velar is to Range Rover what Neymar is to Ramos, and if you know your footie, you’ll know what we mean.

So then, we were as surprised as you were that German tuning house, Mansory, thought that this Velar needed an extra hairdresser.

Yes, they’ve given it an ultra-stylish cut: They’ve plastered it with carbon fibre from the spoiler to the side skirts to the grill to the bonnet and beneath it, thrown on a pair of 22-inch “Spyder” wheels.

They’ll give you 23 inches by the way if you ask very nicely.

But, it’s not all aesthetic: Mansory have a reputation to uphold and they’ve done a little to the motor as well. The D300 is boosted from 221kW to 254kW, which will be noticeable beneath the light weight material.

Indeed, it is a pretty machine and we’re pretty sure that South Africans will love it. In fact, we can’t think of a better car for Sandton and if you can, please let us know…

Mansory. Yet again – well played.