Jik! Mercedes X-Class gets the yachting treatment

Carlex Design, our best Polish friend, has taken an X-Class and given it Maybach touches. It’s meant for ‘yachties’, which said out loud is the most embarrassing thing ever said.

No one likes people who yacht. They’re either too rich to like you back or too embarrassing to be seen with. They wear a combination of clothes that can only be described as Tiger Woods meets Pablo Escobar and that can only be a bad thing.

Sure, we all have yacht fantasies and sure, we all like to think that one day we will own one when our album goes platinum and our lives require moving Jacuzzis with naked women.

But, even then, and as unlikeable as we might or might not become as yacht owners, I’m pretty sure that everyone reading here will definitely not buy a yacht-inspired Mercedes.

Bentley tried this with the Galene Edition a year ago and we vomited. Now, a year later we have the same from Carlex design. It’s called the Yachting Edition and it is pretty damn awful.

Indeed, if you had yacht money you would buy a Rolls-Royce or a Lamborghini. A Ferrari or a Bugatti! Or something classic, like an old-school Aston Martin DB7. Those are yacht-level cars. Not this.

I mean, take a serious look at this X-Class, which comes with Maybach touches everywhere. Wood and leather and colours like ‘chocolate brown’ and ‘porcelain white’ are all the rave here, and it’s horrible. On a real Maybach, sure, they’re great, but when arranged to celebrate the yachting world, they look so pretentious that it hurts.

This is not a good look for a bakkie and those wheels just say it all. Imagine the choma who steps out of this. Indeed, if he invited you for champagne on his yacht, would you really say yes? No. He is a creeper.

Of course though, trust Carlex Design to make the bad look really good. This X-Class is really well-finished off no matter what your tastes are and there is no arguing that Carlex Design remains the go-to aftermarket solution for double cab tweaking in Europe.

But, that’s only if you know what else they offer, which is really amazing. This however, is a gimmick. A joke. And certainly not what double cabs are for.

Double cabs are for stylish dirt. For being able to do cool things with a load bin. For being able to help your cuzzie move a fridge on oversized tyres.

Never have they been used for yachting - and never should they be.