Wow! The Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign

Hear it here first: This is not the new GT-R, says Nissan. Well, there's the first problem and the only problem!

We thought we'd make your day. Why? Because we like you.

This, painted in gold and with an ass out of Star Wars, is indeed a Nissan. A Nissan GT-R called the GT-R50 and it is the most outrageously awesome piece of work that we have seen this year.

Of course, something this beautifully bespoke and bespokely beautiful can only come from one place: Italdesign.

Now, if you follow GT MAG you will know that they regularly produce some of the most striking and rare cars in the world, but even with all of those considered and seen, this one is especially stunning.

It marks a shared anniversary: The 50th anniversary of both the GT-R shape and Italdesign and is a celebration of it all on steroids. Distinct GT-R features like the 4-prong taillights are perfectly exaggerated and sit floating above a golden backside that could have been mined in the East Rand!

Bru, this thing is sick. It's based on a GT-R Nismo but is tuned like a Ford Escort from Athlone! It has it all. A heavy-duty crankshaft, reinforced pistons, connecting rods and bearings. Then, there's the new exhaust, upgraded cooling and oil systems and competition spec turbochargers and pumped-up intercoolers.

Holy smokes. It means that the 3.8-litre bi-turbo is bordering on illegal and we can only speculate how fast it must be. Very, if you need know. Extremely. Like hectic, hectic China. The thing pushes 530kW, which is insane!

How insane exactly, we can't be sure because this one-off is as elusive as a Cape leopard and as slippery as North West politician.

But, does this mean that Nissan see it as a real GT-R replacement? Well, surprisingly no. They insist that it is only a celebration and that there is the most disappointing news that you will read this month. Bearing in mind all the disappointing news of the world still to come this month, that says a lot.

Come on Nissan. Come on... Be a boych. Be a brother. Do what you just know you have to! Make it happen. You have to make this GT-R50 like for real for real and if you don't - well, don't expect kind words the next time you read GT MAG.