An M5 by Manhart to steal your heart!

Yes, we know you like M5s. And because you read GT MAG, we know you’ll like this one even more.​

447kW is just not enough, is it bro? Nope, you like your BMWs so outrageously powerful that they should come with a nappy. Yes, read that again and it will be the strangest thing you will read all month.

Seriously though. Is 447kW really not enough for you? Well, how’s 530kW then from a BMW that looks like it deals cocaine?

Indeed, that’s how Manhart thinks a BMW M5 should look so what they’ve gone and done is made one. It comes with a gold racing stripe down its face and it looks like it’s ready to go to war with the Spartans. Nice.

Then, there’s the wheels that are finished in gold too, which is the perfect way to never lose your car. Certainly you won’t want to because carbon fibre is expensive brother and on this, it’s everywhere.

Yes. Filthy, filthy, filthy. Dressed in presence and oozing attitude, this is the sickest, carbon-draped and golden M5 you will see today and if you don’t agree, well, we want to be you.

Because tell us: Where on Earth do you live where you come across M5s that are sicker? Seriously, we want to go there…

Until we do though, we just have this to look at we suppose.

Not a bad second, we’d say.

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