This Fiat 500 comes with a shower!

To celebrate the original Fiat 500 Jolly, Fiat have created two Spiaggina special edition models. 

There is nothing quite like a true motoring icon. It is the definition of an era, and for millions of people is more than just four wheels. It is nostalgia. Identity. Sometimes even culture. No doubt, the Fiat 500 is one of those for the Italians so it's fitting that the modern derivative is a worthy successor. It is the small car to own since Mini became fat and is now unarguably the go-to car for rich university girls around the world. Now, luckily for them, life just got a whole lot more interesting because Fiat have created two special edition 500s to mark the 60th anniversary of the very special and roofless Fiat 500 Spiaggina that was known as the 'Jolly' . The first, the Spiaggina by Garage Italia is, like it's ancestor, a beach goer and arrives with a shower to wash yourself off after a day at the beach. Needless to say it won't be too popular in drought-stricken Cape Town but hey, if you're willing to accept the tomato-throwing and head shakes, you're in for a fresh water treat. But, be weary. If someone does actually throw a  tomato at you to punish you for your water-guzzling ways, you won't be protected. Yes, you'll notice that there isn't a windscreen, but just a raised deflector, which continues the nautical theme all about this interesting piece of work.

Disclaimer alert: You can actually get it with a windscreen BTW, so don't stress.

Cork-laden floors are meant to emulate posh yachts, a single leather bench is your seating position and the colours are all boat-like, with special blues and whites that make you feel like you need to wear white cotton pants and speak about bitcoin. Pants or not, this 500 is quite the look so if you're not so bold, you can rather get one of 1,958 Spiaggina 58s, which are basically just like normal convertible Fiat 500s but with niche colours and wheels. Whatever you choose though, you will definitely get the overwhelming sense that you're in a modern icon and if that's not a good reason to buy a car, well, what is?