Now you can make your M2 look like this!

BMW have released a M Performance Parts concept that shows off all the goodies that you can now add to your M2.

South Africa loves M BMWs and the fact that we buy more of them than America says it all. Yes we are M Mad, third only to Germany and the UK, and when you look this at this concept there's little wonder why.

How sick bro?

It is a M Performance Parts M2 concept that is absolutely smothered in carbon fibre and finished in gold. Yes there is gold everywhere, which really brings the frozen black to life and makes you all teary-eyed. Sho, those wheels are unreal nxa and there is no other way to say it: Nxa, nxa, nxa!

We especially like it because it gives a boy racer edge to the M2, but wonder if the larger Ms could pull it off. It seems just right for this size M and on anything bigger it could be a bit of a miss.

Or not...

All the carbon fibre bits save 60kg by the way and the aerodynamics are bettered thanks to the front and side-sill winglets, which, if you didn't know, are not the standard look. Nope, neither did we so don't feel too bad bro.

No doubt, we're sure that you would agree that 60kg is hugely significant in this game, but we wonder at what cost?

Literally. How much will all this carbon fibre cost? Who knows bro, but I suspect you wouldn't want to because unfortunately we suspect dream crushing stuff...

But hey. What's a dream if it's not smothered in carbon and polished with zeroes? Not a dream at all we'd say.